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$18,000 Minimum Property Tax

In the Parliament yesterday an amendment to the Property Tax Bill showed that if properties are valued at less than $18,000 per annum the recorded value will still be $18,000. In other words even if the rental value is a mere $500/month, you will still have to pay Property Tax on $18,000.

The specific clause reads as follows:-

“Where the owner of land in Trinidad and Tobago makes a return of land under section 6 and the Commissioner is of the opinion on the basis of that return that the land carries an annual rental value of less than eighteen thousand dollars, he shall record the annual rental value as eighteen thousand dollars.”

This in my view is highly discriminating since you will be taxing people for value that they do not have. With over 75% of our population earning less than $6,000 per month the PNM Government is showing that they are heartless and lack compassion.

This is not surprising as the Ministers of Government are not affected by $450.00 from their pockets, which figure represents the amount the poorest man would have to pay in Property Tax.

With thanks,
Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan
MP for Tabaquite

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