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38 Million for Two Airlines to Bring Tourists to Tobago

It is amazing the response of the minister of finance regarding funding for Tobago. It does not matter to the PNM that the THA pays 38 million to Virgin Atlantic and BA to bring tourists to Tobago. They also pay Thomas Cook the travel agent. How many tourists are brought here and how much do they spend. Is there a net excess over the investment in favor of Tobago.

They spend 20 million on a Losing Jazz Festival. Also Tobago House of Assembly is notorious for its cost overruns. Tobago by the way is guaranteed by law a percentage of the national
Annual Budget. It is also fascinating the amount of money being spent on contract employment in Tobago.

And worst of all if you ask questions about Tobago you are regarded as unpatriotic but money could be spent without accountability by the PNM THA and the PNM feels that they should not be questioned.

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