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By Suruj Rambachan

Events over the last week in particular have brought us to a point where the only valid conclusion is that of a nation in a crisis.The economic situation aside what is most worrisome is the social deterioration and the collapse of institutions.

The crisis in the Judiciary is not good for this country. Not only is it worrisome in terms of the administration of justice but it has and continues to create a mistrust in the dispensation of justice as far as the people are concerned. You cannot have the kind of confusion and accusations being made at the head of the judiciary and expect confidence to remain high in the dispensation of justice, And especially so where judges are now questioning the administration of the judiciary and seeking explanations. Is there I ask a moral crisis or an administrative/management crisis in the Judiciary.

The situation in the Beetham have left us all traumatized, But it is funny this country! Hours after the crisis on the Beetham people have gone about their business as usual All the fears of going into Port Of Spain have vanished. It was all a blip and a dream what happened. Thankfully no one was injured though cars were damaged and some people it is suggested were looted while in their vehicles. I have no proof of the latter.

But we await the next moment of horror on the Beetham.

What i cannot fathom is teh continued lack of intelligence on the part of the POlice , a deficit that was just explained away by the Ag Commissioner. What a colossal shame that people could excuse failure just so! This is part of teh lack of commitment to duty and a failure to0 take responsibility in this society by leaders. But again, decisiveness and commitment to duty are only words spoken but not action supported

we continue to romanticize poor performance, poor leadership, lack of responsibility, And who is doing this romanticizing It is the people! We like to be battered as a people. We enjoy the talk shows which are the new soap operas. We look forward to the next crisis, the next bombshell, the next round of accusations and we even enjoy the suffering that results. What a people.

But then God is a TRINI and carnival washes away our problems and calpyso serves as the means of letting out national steam……

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