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SURUJ THANKSIn July of 2010, the people of Trinidad placed eleven Regional Corporations in the hands of the People’s partnership. For this overwhelming vote of confidence, the Partnership continues to be grateful. Over the last two and a half years our Councillors have worked diligently and assiduously to meet as many needs of Burgesses as is possible. I wish to thank the Councillors for their hard work and dedication.

Over the last seven months in particular Councillors have been going beyond the call of duty to ensure that their constituents have the best quality service and response time. As Councillors you have made us proud. It is very difficult to meet every need of every constituent. On balance we have done well. People have been noticing the work that is being done. Infrastructural work has been proceeding apace with roads, box drains, recreational facilities, play parks, as well as a series of innovative programs which have served to enhance the quality of local government being practiced. The new professional standards you have set for service have exceeded the expectations of people everywhere. We have a duty now to hold on to these standards and ensure that they are not diminished in any form or fashion.

The work you have each done as Councillors must now be collated and publicized to your constituents. I trust that you will each try and produce a small booklet which will have pictures of your work as well as state your future plans. In my view, you have carried out the mandate given the PM to serve the people and to deliver! I myself have been surprised by the enthusiasm you have displayed and your going beyond the call of duty to make your constituents happy. I am deeply appreciative of this given that you are part-time Councillors and receive a small remuneration as well as have to work with limited resources. Despite this you have accepted the challenge. You have taken insults, been abused and belittled by many. You have acted with patience and shown respect and tolerance to those whom you have encountered in difficult exchanges. I applaud you!

In less than six months we will be moving towards the next local government elections. The work you started must now continue into the next three years. As you would have noticed several roads recommended by you for paving will be done from March. In addition several Councillors have requested water projects. these have been forwarded to Minister ganga Singh who has assured that a national program will be presented within six weeks. Under the URP program many box drains are being constructed as well as other signature projects are being done. Please liaise with your MP’s and the Regional managers or myself so that we can look after the requests you have been making.

I invite you to contact me at 761-4924 or by e-mail to surujrambachan@hotmail.com.

Again my sincere thanks and appreciation for your dedication and commitment to the partnership and to a better quality of life for our people.

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  1. ronald hinkson

    I’ve seen work being done in areas that were neglected for decades, and work done in non – Partnership areas as well. One problem coming out of this is that people who had long since given up hope of anything being done have now joined the chorus of voices requesting improvement in their areas. People need to realize that, finally, they can rest assured that their time will come. To the MP for Tabaquite, and all Partnership Councillors: Keep up the good work and continue to report on the work being done. Only those who came before and did nothing would criticize such work as “PR”, because they had nothing to report.

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