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Announcement: Office Days

OfficeDear Constituents

Kindly note that I am in Office at Gasparillo every Saturday from 9.00 am. You are invited to meet with me. It is a first come first serve basis. However preference is given to persons with small children, the sick and elderly for which we crave your indulgence.

In addition you can call the Office at 650 3138 or visit every day Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

The Office Manager is Sharamatee Ramsawak.
At the Office application forms for self help grants as well as for housing grants, food cards and other grants from Ministries of Gov’t are available.

Complaints for my attention can also be left on the complaints form at the main Office in Gasparillo as well as the sub offices in Tabaquite, Guaracara and Macaulay.

You can also text me at 761 4924
Suruj Rambachan MP

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