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Are You A Good Decision Maker?

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Life holds for each one of us different situations where we are required to make decisions. The world is what it is today because of decisions both good and bad. History has been studded with shining examples of good decisions and marred by instances of untoward decisions.

At a personal level our life is what our decisions have made it; a mother decides how she is going to provide nutrition for her baby, a father decides how he is going to provide healthy environment for his child. Every day we are given a myriad of situations where we have to decide – right from the route we are going to take to our workplace to how we carry ourselves through the day.

Now, since making decisions is of such high importance, we would do well to think a little about making decisions. What will our answer be when we are posed with this question:

‘Are you a good decision maker?’

What would we say?

Would we say we are good at it or not so good at making them?

Each one of us is called to make decisions that will make a lasting positive change in our lives. Sometimes there will be situations where we need to make some firm decisions. Sometimes we will be required to make fast decisions. Other times we are given the privilege to take our time or consult others before deciding.

It matters a lot for each one of us to make the right decisions. ‘It is in moments of decisions that your destiny is shaped’, said Tony Robbins.

For example, how does a man decide when his family is tearing apart? Is he deciding based on impulses and fear or is he deciding based on morals and long-sightedness?

Similarly how a woman decides, in times of professional turmoil, as these are days when women play very positive roles in a professional environment as much as they do in family.

How does a student decide when he is faced with his graduation exams?

Can you add your own question – ‘How do I decide… ?’

There are a few things that deter anyone from making standing, concrete decisions. These are obstacles seen or unforeseen… real or imagined… perceived or implied. Now it would do all of us immense benefit to meditate a little on some of the misconceptions or obstacles, if we can call them those.

  1. Cowardice: Many a times, most of us fail to make some strong decisions because we feel we might end up in a wrong place or have to face unpleasant circumstances. Cowardice is a strong word… let us brace ourselves up; it is cowardice that prevents us from making decisions at times. Let us be bold in making decisions. Remember someone said, ‘Boldness has the power to drive a revolution’.
  2. Fear: Do you think, ‘What if I fail?’ Never consult your fears. Come on, if you know that what you have decided is truly right morally, spiritually and socially then go ahead with it for as Emerson said, ‘Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen’. Won’t you have a quick look at another article on parallel lines- http://motivateus.com/stories/live_a_courageous_life.htm ?
  3. Opinions: This is certainly one of the areas that tends to affect almost every person. ‘What will my wife think of me?’… ‘What impression will it create with my peers?’… ‘How would this change the way people look at me?’

    These are some questions that run in our minds, many times, as we bolster ourselves to make decisions. It would be wise to remind ourselves of what someone said, ‘Every man is a fool in some man’s opinion’. So take heart my pal, you are certainly going to get some shaky bumps when you make decisions but let that not deter you. You know what you are deciding more than the one who opines on you.

  4. Self esteem: Many suffer from the woe called inferiority complex. This tends to affect their decisions. They shy away from and shun decisions in life. Their life lies at the mercy of others. Each one of us is endowed with the natural uniqueness that adds to the flavor of the world. Remember, you who are reading this sentence are unique. As the Bible says in the book of Psalms, ‘You are… wonderfully made’.
  5. Belief: Lack of belief and faith in what we decide can prove unpleasant. It is not rare to find people who find it difficult to believe in what they choose to decide. They shift from one leg to another while making decisions. They fail to believe that life will be good and that they will see good results of their decisions etc.

    If you are planning to plunge yourself into a creative effort, please go ahead with belief that it will all be well at the end. It would be worth printing out and hanging on our walls what William James, one of the great thinkers of this world said: ‘Our belief at the beginning of a doubtful undertaking is the one thing that assures the successful outcome any venture.’

  6. Guilt: There are many who are tormented by their past. Instances of past mistakes weaken them. It is true that guilt has a way of shrinking a man to a level of lower capacity than what he actually is. No human is immune to mistakes. We all make them. Remember the time when you took your first steps as you tried walking when you were an infant, ha ha ha!!! Tony Robbins observed, ‘Using the power of decision gives you the capacity to get past any excuse to change any and every part of your life in an instant’. Courageous men use their past mistakes as a springboard.

The above observations, though not extensive, give an idea of how we can harness the power of decision making in our lives toward better, happier, meaningful personalities. Let us therefore strive to make decisions based upon strong, concrete and positive basements.

Let us live our lives better and make a better tomorrow.

No… a better Today! Amen!

— Copyright © 2011 Sam Vijay Kumar Link

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