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Belittling the Opposition Leader

I am Very disturbed by the manner in which the invitation to the opposition leader for a meeting with the PM to discuss the election of a President was done
It is my considered view that such an invitation should have been penned by the PM himself. This nation has to recognize the importance of protocols if we are to lift the national Consciousness about the nations important business.

The leader of the opposition is an alternative PM and is an important institution in the governance process. While the government will by its majority in Parliament get the President they wish this must in no way diminish the importance of the role of the leader of the Opposition and the respect she should be given if not to herself but to the position.

I think that the government goofed in the manner in which This invitation was sent and I believe that it is a magnanimous gesture on the part of the opposition leader to have accepted in these circumstances.

The nations’ interst often requires us to go-beyond such lapses in protocols. However such lapses also define us and sets examples for those who have to inherit and manage the future.

This is my personal view. I really hope that this was not a snob.

Surujrattan Rambachan MP

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