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Blame the UNC — “we are in charge and you will have to deal with that”

This was the first salvo of the PNM In 2015 when they came into power. When you are in charge you take charge. You get the job done. The reality is that the issues facing the people of this country have not been dealt with. The PNM has spent most of their four years creating a narrative of an ineffective corrupt and incompetent People’s Partnership Government. Now the people are saying that the PNM was all this time masking their incompetence at the task of governance, government and most of all creating the prosperity which they promised. The PNM narrative is now being questioned and in many cases ignored. The PNM is now seen as a bunch of incompetents.

Here are some examples:
1. Water woes
2. Hospital without electricity for several hours
3. War zone on Duncan Street
4. Poorly thought out policy on Venezuelans causing mass entry into TT with disaster in the high seas
5. Rising crime against persons and continued murder count
6. Open attack on prison officers with many killed
7. Judiciary under watch by UK authorities
8. Job losses of about 50,000. No Official Stats available from Government and CSO
9. Attack on media and by extension freedom of speech
10. Lack of attention to road infrastructure

The collapse is taking place all around us.

What is our response? Do we care about our country? Do we care enough to say “enough is enough”

I am No longer sure we care. What I do know is that people are becoming angrier by the day and that is not good for us as a nation

Surujrattan Rambachan

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