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Brothers Road Recreation Ground

Lights and Jogging Track constructied at Brothers Road Recreation GroundLights

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  1. suruj rambachan

    The Brothers Road area has been receiving attention from the MP Dr Suruj Rambachan. Repairs to the St John’s Road has commenced with most of the road being fixed. In the last week the jogging track has been completed following the installation of lights for night time activities.

    A new pavilion to be constructed by the Sports Company is the next project for this ground. In the meantime the Ministry of Education is exploring the feasibility of an early Childhood Center for Brothers Road in the area Dunmoore Road has been fixed and Pascaul road is about to follow.

    Please look out for a free Medical camp to be held in March 2013 at a venue to be announced

  2. Admin

    Member of Parliament for Tabaquite

    Dear Dr Rambachan

    It is with a sense of delight that I write to express my highest appreciation for the work that is being done on the Brothers Road Recreation Ground. The recent addition of the jogging track is an important addition to the facilities. For many years the recreation ground was neglected. The provision of lights and now the track will make a difference to life in the village and give to the youths an alternative.

    The pavilion needs rebuilding and I know that you have promised to do so. Given the way you have kept your promises, I know that this will be done. This is the first time that we the people of Brothers Road are seeing so much work in the area. I also thank you on behalf of the villagers for fixing St John’s Road and Dunmoore Road. We look forward to having Pascaul Road also repaired as well as Ridge Road.

    We are aware of the criticisms being made of the People’s Partnership but let me hasten to say that the performance of the government if I judge by what is happening in Tabaquite must be highly commended. I hope that Councillor Awong will give some attention to the Brother’s Road Cemetery.

    Thank you once again for your assistance in improving the Community of Brothers Road

    Mrs Norma Khan

  3. suruj rambachan

    Dear Ms Khan
    Thank you for your kind words. I note your concerns and will be looking into them Please feel free to call me at 761 4924
    Suruj rambachan

  4. Gary Chang

    We thank you for the Lights and Jogging Track constructed at Brothers Road Recreation Ground. Daily, we the residents of Brothers Road have been using the grounds and have observed that more lights are off at nights.
    Can we please have a maintenance crew to replace blown blubs/lights, soon we will have no lights after 6.00 p.m.

    Thanking you for your urgent attention.

    Gary Chang

    310 2696


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