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Carry Road, Tabaquite

LettersThe Honourable Minister
Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan

Hello Sir,

I have debated writing this e-mail for quite some time. I do not believe in troubling men of your position with issues That the natural progressing of goodwill and proper maintenance should address. However I have been waiting for the Proper repair of Carry Road, Tabaquite for about five years and even with the change in Government and the Time that has since passed this does not seem to be forthcoming.

My father, retired Police Inspector – Eustace Worrell has spoken to the councilor for the area on several occasions So have other members of the Tabaquite Constituency and his only response is “we getting there”. Several streets In Tabaquite have been repaired more than once over the last several years, yet Carry Road, which needs a proper box drain on either side, widening and the creation of proper bridges etc. receives very little or no attention.

One of the arguments is that there is a lucrative business man in Carry Road and the movement of his trucks is what Damages the roads. This argument does not hold water simply because if that were the case junior Sammy wouldn’t Wait to be awarded contracts he would be doing pro bono repairs throughout the length and breathe of Trinidad And Tobago.

Carry Road needs to be repaired – properly – not some unlearned gentleman coming to drop quarry muck or dig a drain With a hoe for water to run off or the classic oil sand scam that makes absolutely no sense and is a waste of time and money And is an insult to the residents, myself included, who live on this street.

I am asking please for your intervention.  I am confident that your good office can have the specs drawn up, the tenders invited, award given and a high standard of work completed in a timely fashion.

I have elected to resend this e-mail once per week until the requested works are completed. These will serve only As gentle reminders.

Hoping this letter finds you well..

Yours sincerely,

Nicole Worrell
Purchasing Manager
DIRECTV Caribbean
Mobile: 868 740 2098

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