• The Power Of Focused Thoughts

    Positive Healing ***I have been using this in my meditation

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  • How Do You Solve Problems?
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      Six Useful Tips For Overcoming Your Problems Don’t See

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  • Don’t Let Fear Keep You Down
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    Far be it for me to speak on the masses

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  • Decide What Your Attitude Will Be
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    Have a Child’s Mindset When you think about children of

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  • Advice on leadership 5000 years AGO
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    Bhisma’s advice to the Pandavas The earliest recorded treatise on

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  • Know Where You Are Going?
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    The Lighthouse The captain of the boat lost his way

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  • To Do or Not To Do
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    No Procrastination, Controlled Attention  This was the situation Judy Williamson,

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  • How Do You Develop A Positive Mindset?
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    Positive Mindset A positive mindset is very easy to obtain,

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  • The Fear Of Public Speaking And How To Overcome It
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    Practice Makes A Man A Performer My name is B.K.

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  • Setting Goals – The Benefits
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    How To Set Goals That Will Bring You Riches! By

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