Manzanilla Road Completed3 Cover
    Rehabilitation Work of Manzanilla Road started
    55 0

    The Minister of Works and Infrastructure, the Honourable Dr. Surujrattan

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    Valencia bypass cover
    Official Opening of the Valencia Bypass Road
    162 0

    The new Valencia Bypass Road was officially opened on Friday

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    Lights at Morne Roche Recreation Ground (15) cover
    Lights at Morne Roche Recreation Ground
    40 0

    The Lights on the Morne Roche Recreation Ground were commissioned

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    Installation of Overhead Gabtry Signs CRH-UBH Intersection (6) cover
    New Gantry Signs
    315 0

    New Gantry Signs on highway going east. As part of

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    Arouca, Trinicity  Bridges (16) cover
    Opening of the Arouca Bridge
    182 0

    For the past 15 years, the Ministry of Works and

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    MACAULAY cover
    Construction of New Acceleration and Deceleration Ramps at Macaulay
    131 0

    On Sunday 28th September, 2014, the Honourable Dr Surujrattan Rambachan,

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    Site Visit to the Balmain, Calcutta No.2 Bridge2 cover
    Balmain, Calcutta No.2 Bridge, Opens
    64 0

    Minister of Works and Infrastructure Dr Surujrattan Rambachan yesterday said

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  • Dedication of Sunday School Hall cover
    Dedication of Sunday School Hall at Trinity Presbyterian Church
    174 0

    Today members of the Trinity Presbyterian Church Gasparillo held a

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    Gordon Village Activity Centre-Under Construction
    82 0

    16 years agothis Community Centre was destroyed by Fire. Member

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    Charles Street South Pavillion -Under Construction (6) cover
    Charles Street South Pavillion – Under Construction
    20 0

    The Hon. Suruj Rambachan continues his diligent delivery, as he

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