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Commencement of Rivulet Road Rehabilitation project


On Sunday 3, August 2014, the Minister of Works and Infrastructure the Honourable Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan, turn the sod for the Rivulet Road Rehabilitation project which will be completed in April 2015 at a cost of 52 million plus vat. The contractor is Danny’s Enterprises Co Ltd.


Rivulet Road – Built upon an existing estate road in the 1980’s 
– Catered for the traffic expected to be generated by the new developing Point Lisas Industrial Estate. 
– Significant portion of the road was repaved in 2005 after it was observed that the surface of the road showed signs of distress.

Length of the road – 6.2 km
– Road surface over the past few years has deteriorated significantly throughout the entire. The types of deterioration observed included:
• Cracking and crumbling of the asphalt surface along the wheel tracks.
• Depressions forming at many locations
• Deformation of the road due to subsurface settlement
– Underlying layers of the road have failed
– Repaving will not resolve the problems.
– Volume of traffic, has increased significantly over the last 15 years with the expansion of the Point Lisas Industrial Estate
– Existing road – 6.0 m wide with two 3.0 m paved traffic lanes.
– No hard shoulder along the road
– Existing verge is earthen and about 100 mm lower than the road surface.

Three roads intersect Rivulet Road – Factory Road, Camden Road, Milton Road.
The result of the narrow Rivulet Road, existing intersections and continued increase in traffic is traffic jams and lengthy delays in peak periods and difficult driving conditions. Traffic delays are further exacerbated whenever any vehicle breaks down on the narrow road.


Design of the rehabilitation for a 20-year design life or a minimum of fifteen (15) million equivalent standard axles per lane.
Rehabilitation and widening of the road to a minimum width of 8.0 m to cater for two 3.0m wide traffic lanes and two 1.0 m wide paved shoulders on both sides of the road and earthen trapezoidal drains 1.5 m away from the road shoulder along the length of the road.

Construction of Paved drains and side-walks on both sides of the road in residential and developed areas from the Southern Main Road (BC Roundabout) for a distance of 1,100m. 

Construction of a new 12.0 m wide reinforced concrete box culvert of internal dimensions of 5.0 m span and 2.5 m height on a tributary to the Couva River immediately east of Factory Road.

Construction of 60.0 m of reinforced concrete retaining wall 6.0 m high on both sides of the new box culvert.

Widening of the road at three intersections (Factory Rd, Camden Road and Milton Road) over a distance of 120 m to cater for right turn lanes, 2.4 m wide at each intersection.

Upgrade of traffic lights at Milton Road and Camden Road and Installation of traffic lights at the intersection of Rivulet Road and Factory Road. Painting of lane delineation lines and installation of traffic signs along the road. 

Provision of adequate traffic signs and, public advertisements, police, dust and mud control measures


The rehabilitation of the existing road will be done using a Cold In-Place Recycling process which involves the pulverization of the existing road pavement to a predetermined depth, addition of cement or lime as a stabilizer and foamed bitumen (produced by the addition of water to hot bitumen) as a binder, thoroughly mixing and spreading using a specialized machine. The foamed bitumen expands to about 10 times its original volume which ensures coating of all material down to the microscopic level. 

The process is an all-in one with a train of vehicles and specialized equipment to execute the process resulting in a strong dust free asphaltic riding surface immediately after the compaction is completed.

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