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henry-awong2 Appreciation for Work of Councillor Henry Awong
By: Dr.Surujrattan Rambachan (MP)

Dear Constituents of Tabaquite

On July 26th 2013, the life of the local govt bodies would come to an end. Local Elections are then due. The Regional Corporations under the People’s partnership have been working extremely hard to ensure that the services you expect and at the quality level you expect are delivered promptly and efficiently. We recognize that not all that you have requested would have been delivered. However you will agree with me that on balance, the Regional Corporations have functioned at a higher level than prior to the People’s partnership assumption of government. It is important that you give us feedback as to our performance in local government.

From my point of view we have been seeing Councillors who are more alert and anxious to solve problems and who are regularly in contact with their constituents. This is a far cry from the past where Councillors will only come around during election time. Our Constituency of Tabaquite is an extremely large one and each Councillor has a large geographical area to cover. Despite this we have seen many initiatives and improvements.

For example in Brasso Venado where water was never available in taps, because there were no pipe lines . today there is running water. The dilapidated roads in the Electoral District of Councillor Awong are being rehabilitated. Already improvements have come to Cito Lane, Diaz trace, TPD Road, Dunmoore Road, St John’s Road  and Lee Mong Road amongst others in Tabaquite. In the Guaracara area Seecharan Trace has been paved and the Temple Car park has also been paved. In this area also several agricultural access roads have been rehabilitated.

Currently efforts are being put in place to repair Newbolt Road. But perhaps the best project is the construction of the promenade at Tabaquite Recreation ground where the promenade has been completed and the pavilion has been refurbished. Lights have been put up thus making night time activities a reality for both young and old. At brothers Road, a jogging track was completed last week and prior to that lights were placed on the ground. A pavilion will replace the old dilapidated one that now exists.

The Councillor Mr Henry Awong who is also the Vice Chairman of the Couva Tabaquite Talparo Regional Corporation deserves our applause.

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  1. Praemdass Ramlagan

    What plans do you have for Brasso all your efforts are concentrated in Tabaquite and other places?

  2. suruj rambachan

    We want assistance in doing a Medical clinic in Brasso. can you assist us in organizing it. there will be three doctors dealing with adults and children . They will treat NCD”s include advice in diabetes etc.

    Incidentally the Police Station at Brasso will commence soon in the same area where it was.

    Can you give me an idea of what you need in Brasso. Perhaps you are not aware but for the last tree years Spence and I have been distributing hampers to needy families in the are and as well providing self help grants. Please look at the mid term review magazine for more details. We are also working on lights for the Brasso ground and a gazebo type pavilion.

  3. hazel-ann arjoonsingh

    We at Farnum Village Guaracara for the last 6 years have been receiving very poor quality of water unfit for human consumption. Every single day since the water is murky, muddy, filled with red sand and of course smelly. WASA to this date have done nothing to alleviate or even minimize the problem. Please help us.

    1. rambachan

      I will look into it


    AS a resident off the reform link road to princess twn we are having a lot off problems wit our road if u take a drive in u will see there are about 7 break land in dat little area i mean break land where only one lane of vehcile could passs at a time and jus nw i highly doubt any vehicle could pass please iam pleading to any one please pass an atleast say someting dat could keep our faith high please A CONCERN RESIDENT DARREN JARIHAR

  5. Praemdass Ramlagan

    Thanks MP for the impact you made with the recreation ground and pavilion, sidewalk and the police station. Some box drain on Riverside Drive and possible of road paving will go a long way…..continue the good work….Thanks

  6. Praemdass Ramlagan

    The delivery of infrastructure to the nation by this government has exceeded what past regimes did in decades, how you did it is by prudent management and good economic decisions.
    Keep delivering to the Nation.

  7. Raja Deonarine

    I am a resident of Alma Street, Lumsden Gaparaillo, I am glad the road was paved but what I cannot comprehend is why was the paving stopped 3 houses away from my property, there are others on the end of the street that share their frustrations as well. In the dry season we are plagued by dust and in the rainy season the road is sometimes impassible. We have to endure bushfires that threaten our properties as well. Can someone in authority please heed our cry and render some assistance

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