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Criminals will not be tolerated at work sites

Works and Infrastructure Minister Surujrattan Rambachan yesterday officially launched the Bridges Reconstruction Programme and also turned the sod to begin construction work on the Bull Bull Bridge at Cedar Hill, Claxton Bay.

Cedar Hill Road The bridge currently accommodates single-lane traffic but will be widened to allow two lanes of traffic and will be built at a cost of $18 million by Lutchmeesingh Contractors.

Rambachan warned he will not tolerate the criminal elements to interrup work which he said appears to be a new trend, forcing contractors to abandon jobs.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, Rambachan said the lawless action of some of the residents in the community must be stopped.

Cedar Hill Road 2“Yesterday, a contractor came to see me. He had to abandon a job in Enterprise (Chaguanas) where the people came and stopped the work. These are the criminal elements who want to tax people and we are going to combat it. We are going to stamp it out as this situation can’t be tolerated. The strong arm of the law will have to kick in,” he warned.

Rambachan told reporters that within the last few months, there have been several complaints of thuggery and violence on projects in various communities.

“Workers are abandoning jobs as their lives are being threatened. You cannot have people willing to work, even for the minimum wage, and people want to tax you. I think it is just people who want easy money,” he said.

He said two weeks ago in La Lune, Moruga, a work crew was chased out by residents, who protested for better roads and bridges in the area.

“They stopped the workmen from fixing the bridges,” Rambachan said. “I had to get the army to go there to get the work completed.”

He said similar problems were encountered at Cedar Hill Road, also in Claxton Bay. ..READ MORE

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