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divali 2017

Dr. Rambachan bring greetings to Divali Nagar 2017

Speaking at Divali Nagar MP Rambachan described Divali as a great healing festival. With it he says comes feelings of happiness, peace and the hope for prosperity and success. There is a special mood he says that descends upon the nation in which hate is replaced with forgiveness, families unite and communities grow in mutual respect and cultural understanding. National Festivals like Divali help us to discover each other and grow in appreciation of who we are.

He congratulated the NCIC on the choice of its chief guest Pundit Hardeo Persad of SWAHA. He said that in a country in which religious leaders and cultural activists are not given the national recognition they truly deserve, it is to the credit of the NCIC that Hindus who have distinguished themselves are recognized and appreciated. This action is in itself an important expression of the value of gratitude which Hindus are expected to practice as one of their daily sacrifices.

Referring to the theme of this years celebration, Hindu Symbols, Dr Rambachan said that everything a Hindu does through rituals, through articles of worship have a deeper significance which can be summarized as enhancing the journey from humanity to divinity , from sorrow to eternal joy.

He said that Hindus understand that only through personal sacrifice and value adding actions performed for the benefit of others that one authors ones own happiness and mitigates the results of past actions. He therefore urged that the light of Divali be the light that shines upon us all guiding us always to perform good karma(action).

After 172 years he said that Hindus are well established and the Hindu community is resilient and growing in strength. He said that despite the several efforts of a few to marginalized the Hindu faith Hindus have survived and flourished. Hindus are accepted as an equal partner and respected as a full partner in the diversity that is Trinidad and Tobago.

The strength of Hindus and Hinduism is as a result of the tenacity of our ancestors like Bhadase Sagan Maharaj, Sat Maharaj,the Pundits and the thousands of Hindu volunteers who work in the temples and communities, in cultural promotion and in developing the Hindu vision.

The way he said to strengthen this nation is to ensure the strength of every group and ensure their active participation in the affairs of the nation.
This is a beautiful country where diversity remains our greatest strength, he concluded

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