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Dr. Rambachan pays tribute to late Swami Satchitananda

What an uplifting sight early in the morning

Divine Life Temple in Carlsen Field

Divine Life Temple in Carlsen Field

This morning I stopped by to look at this temple to remember the contribution of Swami Satchitananda to The preservation and development of Hinduism. I reflected as what he might be thinking as he looks down at his magnificent work He had a tremendous vision for Hinduism. In his humble way he taught bhajans, sandhya pooja, havan and developed the idea of satsangh. He used to visit homes across the country establishing what he called units. Each was really a satsangh group.

We need to ask whether we have really fulfilled his mission and vision for the divine life society.

God bless him richly for his contribution. He was a simple man and a humble compassionate soul who tried to give structure and firm to how Hindu rituals were presented. Even then in the sixties and seventies he understood that for Hinduism to survive in a diverse society it was necessary to reform how it was presented.

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