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Drainage issue frustrates Dalloo Rd residents

LettersTuesday, May 21 2013

THE EDITOR: This note is sent to highlight the plight and subsequent frustration of some residents of Dalloo Road, Gasparillo.

A drainage problem was brought to the attention of authorities at all different levels prior to 2010. There was regular follow up to explore all possible solutions and simply fix the problem. Though the issue was brought to the attention of the councillor, the MP for the area, the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation, to date, no one could give at least a “correct status” of this matter and the way forward.

It would seem that there is absolutely no system for follow-up actions and delivery of services. Empty promises, lack of feedback and no action have been the order of the day at all levels! Is this how these agencies operate?

There seem to be a total disconnect among all parties leading to total inefficiency. I trust that inside these units somewhere some positive action can take place soon.

Cindy Burns

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  1. suruj rambachan

    to whom did you speak

  2. DVR

    Responding on behalf of the residents:
    The matter was brought to the attention of the MP office/ Couva Regional Cooperation (written and verbal).
    Persons addressed included:
    1. Late Ferraz Ali, Mr. Sharaz, MP Tabaquite, Chairman (Couva Regional) and others.

  3. rambachan

    I will like Cindy burns to contact me at 7614924. Can she also say when she last contacted me. It will be useful for tracing the matter

  4. rambachan

    I do hope that DVR will contact me

  5. DVR

    DVR will contact you……noted with thanks…..

  6. DVR

    Hmmm……..your mailbox at 761-4924 is full. Will try again on some hours….thanks…

  7. DVR

    We spoke……will continue to follow up on the matter…..


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