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East-West Corridor benefiting too

This is an open letter to Lennox Grant

Mr Grant, I have read your July 12 Sunday Express article, “South Trinidad on the remake—an eye opener” with great interest. I must admit that your columns are always interesting and make for easy reading on a Sunday morning. This one will inspire people to go south for a Sunday evening drive. While you focus on south Trinidad, I want to assure you that north Trinidad is also on the remake, as is all of Trinidad and Tobago.

Yes, you are taken back by the unprecedented level of people-centred development taking place across south Trinidad, but I also assure you that people-centred, needs-driven development is also taking place across north Trinidad and in Tobago. May I take this opportunity to list a few of the projects in north Trinidad or what we politically refer to as the East-West Corridor.

1. The completion of the extension to the Diego Martin Highway.

2. The opening of new schools in Paramin and in the constituencies of the Leader of the Opposition and Port of Spain South.

3. The construction of the Bagatelle Police Youth Club building to accommodate 300 children.

4. The development of the board-walk at Chaguaramas with other sporting and leisure facilities which are over-subscribed on weekends in particular.

5. The launch of the Maracas Bay facilities, further providing a quality leisure environment.

6. The start of the Arima Hospital project.

7. The Valencia by-pass road.

8. The reconstruction of at least nine bridges from Guanapo to Guayaguayare.

9. The rehabilitation of roads from Toco to Matelot.

10. The construction of several Early Childhood Centres and primary schools along the East-West Corridor, including the Shouter Baptist School near Trincity.

11. The widening of the Trincity Bridge on the highway near the mall from two lanes to three.

12. The successful reconstruction, in six weeks, of the Manzanilla Road that was destroyed by floods.

13. Reconstruction of the road from Arima to the Asa Wright Nature Centre and beyond.

14. Reconstruction of the 100-year-old D’Abadie Bridge which was collapsing.

15. Lighting of several recreation grounds and construction of new pavilions. Incidentally, over 200 recreation grounds have been illumined under this Partnership administration.

16. The setting up of the COSTAATT Campus in Sangre Grande with 1,500 students.

17. The setting up of the Nursing Academy in El Dorado with 1,200 students.

18. The widening of the Beetham River Bridge to three lanes to facilitate faster exit out of PoS.

19. New San Juan market has been completed.

20. The new public-private sector initiative to provide kidney dialysis services in 19 centres also includes several in north Trinidad.

21. The advanced Carenage health facility is nearing completion.

As you can see there are several human development projects in the East-West Corridor. You may be moved to argue that I am only referring to infrastructural projects. Well, the schools which have been constructed are providing an enhanced environment for learning and development of the human potential of our children.

The National Energy Skills centres which have been created are also providing increased opportunities for skills enhancement and sustainable employment.

You are among those who have always advocated for a more balanced development of T&T and a more equitable distribution of resources. I have often applauded you for your vision of equality. The decentralisation of facilities and services is necessary to deal with a range of other issues including rural unemployment as well as bringing services closer to the people.

As you can see, it is not only a remake of south Trinidad but a remake of all of Trinidad and Tobago. It is about vision in action, leadership and unprecedented delivery!

Surujrattan Rambachan

Minister of Works

D’Abadie Bridge (B1/23)

D’Abadie Bridge (B1/23)

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