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New TipsIf you wish to succeed in business today, you have to impress upon all of your employees that they must behave as service centers. When people enter a business to have a need fulfilled they are not concerned about your problems. They are concerned with how you are going to solve their problems.

Your people, the people who work for you  must be prepared to provide hope that they are going to find satisfaction. Apart from having the requisite skills to fix the problem of the customer, your people must demonstrate a total service attitude. The best way to do this is for them to see themselves as service centers.

A service center carries a certain picture in the eyes of both the customer and the person who so designates herself. A service center is a solution provider. One who adopts the idea of being a service center is actually seeing himself as a solutions provider. This requires a major paradigm, a shift in thinking, attitude and self empowerment through learning.

Think of the difference between being a customer service representative and a customer service center. The former, the CSR, connotes being able to be an advocate of the customer’s problems, a public relations kind of person who reduces the frustration of the customer and tries to get a solution that is acceptable. On the other hand, the paradigm of a service center connotes one who is determined to solve the problem with dispatch, who takes ownership of the problem, and who from the moment of contact with the customer is solution focused.

The concept of every employee as a service center suggests that the service personnel operate so as to anticipate the needs of customers, and develop a tradition for responsiveness. The person who sees herself as a service center builds a relationship with the customer. From the moment a problem is received the service center takes over fully. The customer is as if it were in a one stop shop.

The customer is not made to run all over the organization to find people etc. A service center attitude makes you a helpful person in the eyes of the customer. Customers want service people who are helpful. Selling a product is a matter of profit. Being a service center to your customer is a matter of being in business and sustaining it.

Think about being a service center and not just another service representative.

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