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Minister Rambachan gets a good look at the original D'Abadie Bridge

Minister Rambachan gets a good look at the original D’Abadie Bridge

For some time now, the country has been led to believe that work is not being done by the People’s Partnership Government in The East West Corridor, or more generally North Trinidad. This sort of propaganda is baseless as there are numerous projects of great significance completed as well as ongoing in the East West Corridor.

I will like to list some of these projects for the information of the media in particular who have also at times insinuated that there is a great imbalance.

1. The Expansion of the Diego Martin Highway
2. The creation of three lanes to exit Port Of Spain including the widening of the Bridge at Beetham into three lanes
3. The Construction of the Bye Pass Road in Valencia thus reducing traffic to almost zero
4. The reconstruction of the 100 year old Driver Bridge thus creating a clear two lanes
5. The completion of the widening of the bridge at Trincity into three lanes
6. The construction of the walkover at Oropune
7. Construction of the walkover at the Shouter Baptist School along the Churchill Rossevelt Highway
8. The construction of the Baptist School along the Churchill Rossevelt Highway
9. Reconstruction of Bridge at Valencia into two lanes
10. Reconstruction of the Blanchisseuse Road from the Arima end
11. Completion of the Aranguez overpass and the Interchange at Grand Bazaar
12. Completion of Community Centers at Malabar, Bon Air West and Carapo among others
13. Construction of Early Childhood Centers on the EAst West Corridor
14. Construction of Schools in Paramin, Laventille etc
15. Reconstruction of St Joseph River Bridge in progress
16. Fully Functional campus of COASTATT in Sangre Grande
17. Fully operating Nursing Academy in El Dorado
18. Chaguaramas developing into a first class leisure, entertainment and conference center
19. Carenage Health facility under construction
20. Oncology Center being constructed at Mt Hope
21. Expanded facilities at Sangre Grande Hospital
22. Visitor Center at Valencia
23. Activity Center at Waller Field, (Jacob Settlement)
24. Repaving of several roads in North Trinidad and along the East West Corridor including sections of the Lady Young Road as well as in Santa Cruz

The above incomplete list challenges the perception that the govt has been neglecting the East West Corridor!

Suruj Rambachan
Deputy Political Leader UNC

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