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Fire at Forres Park Dump

Story by Suruj Rambachan MP Tabaquite


Over the last three days a fire has been raging on the Forres Park Dump creating great difficulties for persons living in Springvale, Forres Park, Diamond and surrounding areas. THe pictures seen here were taken at 7.30 pm (Feb 15 2013). The flames were shooting up about thirty to forty feet in the air. Several tractors were being used to cover the fire with hundreds of loads of fill transported by 14 trucks. One has to commend all the workers and particularly the tractor operators who braved the fire to work at covering it. They were working in extreme heat.

Commendations are also in order for Ravi Ramnath and members of the Disaster management Team at the Couva Tabaquite Talparo Regional Corporation. Their dedication to duty is duly recognized by me.  The Ag Chief Fire Service Officer and his team also responded and were extremely co-operative.

I cam attest to the fact that the smoke was thick and made breathing difficult. Officials from SWMCOL also worked hard to control the fire and their contribution is also noted and appreciated.

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