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New TipsDo you face problems in life? Are you making the most of the talents God has given you? Are you in awe of those who succeed beyond your wildest dreams? How did they attain their stature? Why are they so fortunate in their accomplishments? Are they truly that much smarter than you? Do they work that much harder than you? What gives them this edge over your abilities?

As I look back on my nearly 75 years of living, I realize that everyone has their own unique problems.

I’ve come a long way from living in a home with no indoor plumbing during the Great Depression. Who would have thought that I would get a college degree, when neither of my parents had a high school diploma? I’ve overcome ten malignant tumors over a 12 year period, in my battle with bladder cancer. I started as a teller and rose to become president of the local bank. I’ve achieved many personal goals.

So, I’ve learned to look for the answers when I’m confronted with problems.

There are ways to solve most problems. Most of the problems we face can be overcome, if we’ll only follow instructions. There are instructions for making an apple pie, for changing the oil filter in your car, for using your I-pod, and most any other thing you can think of.

If you follow the instructions, you get the desired results. Unfortunately, your birth certificate, diploma, degree, or marriage license doesn’t come with directions. There are other helps, if you’ll just look around.

Others have been in your place and can be good mentors. You can also find do it yourself books, which can be helpful. But, what I like to tell people about; even talking to God has a set of instructions. The Bible tells us; you need to ask for what you want and to believe that you will receive it. The trouble with most people is; they’ve don’t read the instructions, hence, they never believe.

You can control your destiny and have the life you long for. You can achieve great things and accomplish your goals. It’s knowing just what directions you will follow. Serve God and your fellowman. Be a workman that is not ashamed. Remember, it does take work, courage, and your talents, but God will give you directions, every step of the way. May God bless you as you serve Him.

— Copyright © 2011 Bob Stoess
— Submitted by Brian G. Jett — Kentucky

Bob Stoess is Retired CEO, from a Bank in Louisville, KY., a prolific writer and wonderful mentor.


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