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Frightening Report on state of ferries plying Tobago route

Today’s Express revelations of the dilapidated and dangerous state of the two Tobago fast ferries is to put it mildly utterly disturbing. To think that the lives of our citizens were being compromised much to their unawareness of the risks they were unknowingly taking is cause for further distress and borders on criminality.

The Minister of Transport Mr Rohan Sinanan as well as former Minister Fitzgerald Hinds cannot and should not escape responsibility for this state of affairs. It is alarming that the Ministers as well as the Management and Board(s) of the Port Authority should escape liability for this situation. Can You imagine what could have happened to innocent travelers on the ferries. For the Minister of Transport to dismiss the Trini Flash incident as no Big thing is to conclude that the Ministers are out of their depth with their portfolios. It is also Clear that persons entrusted with managerial Responsibility are negligent.

I am Left to wonder how come insurance was given for these boats after the insurers would have seen the reports done on their behalf. Are the insurance companies also guilty of unethical practices or were they more concerned with the money they would have earned, or is the insurer in some kind of collusion with the PATT.
Was this report made available to the Board of the PATT. Further having read such a report why did they allow the boats to continue. Why was the report not made available to the public.

The Ministers, the PATT Board and Management are in my view guilty of criminal Neglect and ought to be brought before the Parliament to answer. For far too long the citizenry have been taken for granted. In a country where consequences for wrong action are generally not known to exist the Parliament must step in on behalf of the citizens.

Surujrattan Rambachan
Shadow Minister of Works and Transport

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