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Govt Agencies catching the blaming and excuse disease

The disease of excuses and blaming which has characterized the PNM government has now been caught by the ODPM.

The pathetic and disdainful excuses by Dave Williams of the ODPM must not be excused. The entire senior staff of the ODPM Must pay the price. They must be dismissed for their inaction.

These floods started on Divali Day. Today is Friday and yet the ODPM has not shown that it is coordinating anything.
The Regional Corporations are the ones together with volunteers who are the heroes in this situation. Yet they go underfunded and are treated with contempt and disrespected.

Tonight we are also hearing from officials at Town and Country about illegal developments. Town and Country gives more pressure to applicants who want to
do right but take no action against those who are causing the problems through unapproved developments.

Come on Town and Country do you know how pathetic and stupid you looked and sounded on cnc3 tv tonight. I wanted to puke listening to you. Do your work !
We are a nation which always know what to do after the fact but yet we do nothing.

And so the people suffer like they are suffering now.

And where are the relevant ministers?

If he was serious about what has been happening to the people in flooded areas the PM and the government would have postponed Parliament today and instead looked after the suffering masses in the flooded areas

But really That might be expecting too much from an inept administration

Suruj Rambachan MP

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  1. Eric Farrell

    I believe this was a co-ordinated effort by the PNM based on the comments made by the deputy CEO of the ODPM. When questioned by the media on the flooding he said, “you see it as a big thing but we see it as small thing” and one must wonder who the we are. As a head in the ODPM, the level of arrogance displayed should be taken into account and should determine if he should retain his position..


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