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Gov’t announces: No school for a week

ALL LEARNING centres, including schools and universities, will close for at least a week from Saturday, to slow the possible spread of covid19, the Office of the Prime Minister has announced.

It follows the Prime Minister’s announcement in Parliament on Friday.

In his address, Dr Rowley also addressed the private sector, encouraging business owners and managers to “be realistic” and provide alternate arrangements for their staff, such as allowing them to work from home, if possible.

He said there should be a promotion of a workplace culture that supports people staying home when genuinely sick.

The OPM’s release read, “The Prime Minister noted that the government has advised a number of self-imposed cautionary measures that will slow down, delay and possibly prevent the spread of the virus.”

Rowley urged members of the public not to expose themselves unnecessarily through non-essential mass gatherings; limit exposure to public places; only travel if essential or in an emergency; practise good personal hygiene habits such as more frequent handwashing; avoid touching one’s face with unwashed hands; sneeze and cough into tissues and properly dispose of the tissue; and to clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

The release concluded by asking people to be “sensible about not exposing frail seniors or people with other health conditions to respiratory illness.”


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