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Great customer service

I had to make a trip to Dr Pravin Sharma’s dental clinic last week. By now you know as a follower of this column that I commend good service when I receive it. It was an emergency. I called the office and was offered a one pm appointment. I asked if it could be earlier and I was asked whether I was in pain. I replied in the affirmative and was unhesitatingly given a nine an appointment.

I had visited Dr Sharma at his old office but I was overwhelmed by the new premises. Lovely manicured gardens, parking and an extremely clean facility as you enter. Smiling service reps at the counter and spotlessly clean bathroom. I was intrigued by the certificates on the walls and they demonstrated that Dr Sharma was a continuos learner who was investing in new knowledge and technology. The reception area has a TV as well as important and relevant educational material relating to dental health and dental care.

I was attended to by a Dr Khan who was very professional and took time to explain the procedure as well as what to expect during the procedure I was also given a list of things to observe over the next thirty six hours.

At nine am the following day the office called to find out how I was and whether I had any pain reminding me to call if I had any difficulty. In this experience the loop was completed with that follow up call. While the dentist did her job well along with the dental assistant everyone made the experience fulfilling.

And know what, I found the charges to be very reasonable. I give this one an excellent rating

With thanks
Suruj Rambachan

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