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Happy Fathers Day from Dr Surujrattan Rambachan

As we observe Fathers Day today it is an opportune time for sober and honest examination of how as a society we have strengthened the institution of fatherhood in our country.

With so many children being born out of wedlock and living apart from the father, a crisis has emerged of a lack of the father as a role model in the home. This reality of “absentee father” is causing serious developmental challenges for both young men and young women and has also been contributing to disciplinary problems and respect for authority and law.

In the midst of this negative culture one can still find numerous excellent examples of responsible Fathers who sacrifice for their families and build healthy home environments which contribute to well rounded and socially well adjusted children. These Fathers do not use the excuse that because they are breadwinners they do not have time for the role of a father. These Fathers go out and work to ensure that the children they father are well taken care of economically and with love, and they do so through honest hard work and personal Sacrifice.

The nation needs to Celebrate these Fathers, unsung heroes, many of whom come from very humble homes and are even economically deprived. Because of their strong value systems their children are inspired to be responsible, disciplined and to Strive for excellence.

Unfortunately these families are not celebrated as they should nor are their lived and family stories told to inspire others. Too often it is the story of the rich and powerful that is told.

We will build a better future if we take time to acknowledge the humble Fathers who have moulded great citizens for the benefit of this nation.
In many of such humble homes today there will a simple family meal, no expensive gifts but great joy.

It is a joy that is founded on love, family unity and shared appreciation which are all contributors to a successful family.
Happy Fathers Day!

Surujrattan Rambachan
MP Tabaquite

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