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How To Help Yourself and Others

New TipsMost of the time, I think we are not conscious of what we say, do or read. We all have routines. Get up in the morning, turn on the news, read the newspaper, and then start the rest of the day. It would be wonderful if the morning information had a lot of good news, something that left us with good and hopeful feelings as we venture out into our day, but I can’t say that I see it often.

It has been said that you are what you think about. If the morning messages are more negative than positive, I pose the question: what are you thinking about – something positive – possibilities that they can bring? Or are you thinking of something negative? How do you think it impacts your day and the people you have interactions with?

It does come down to conscious and unconscious choices. If negativity is swirling in your mind first thing in the morning, I suggest that you be aware of how you come across to others as you go through your day. Do people think you have a bad attitude, see you as cranky, depressed, irritable, not too easy to be around?

If so, why not try something new?

Why not decide to read or listen to positive messages each morning before your day begins? What could happen to your attitude if you bombarded your mind with possibilities of wonder, courage, kindness, and love in your heart for the world? I suspect others would find that you were easier to be with, that they would notice a change – though they might not be able to put their finger on it, they would notice the difference.

Each morning I come and sit for at least 15 minutes reading the quotation sections. I know first hand the impact this ritual has on my day. The power of reprogramming my mind to move past the negative ( I can’t change what has happened anyway ) and to focus on the positive has been so helpful for me. I suggest it may be helpful for you too. Why not try it? You have nothing to lose except some negativity and every bit helps!

Have a wonderful week ahead!

— Marlene


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