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In life you have to trust people

Not everything can be reduced to letters of confirmation and /or contracts. Sometimes you trust people because you have known them for a long time. However money corrupts and greed corrupts even more than money. In business in particular you must not trust anyone. You must do business by the book and if you have to have a signed contract despite a person being a trusted friend, please have the contract and terms of purchase or sale clearly spelt out.

Recently a friend of mine made a substantial purchase from a well known and highly advertised business house in Chaguanas. The purchase was made from owners of the business who were well respected by the public. On purchasing the items my friend was told that the goods were being manufactured in the USA. He took the word of the company’s representative and paid up front for the goods as was required of him. When the goods were delivered it was clear that the goods were not made in the USA but the boxes read Made in China.

On calling the company’s representative there was anger on her part that this was being raised. In addition it appears that part of the goods were not first rate items but seconds since the damaged areas could be clearly seen.

My friend has had to accept the goods because he paid up front and has no written contract except a bill which does not state the origin of the items.

Surely he could go to court but at what cost. Sadly this company will continue to deceive people. Maybe the Consumer Affairs Division can be of help to my friend and to other unsuspecting customers. Incidentally this company rates low on my list of companies in Chaguanas for poor customer service.

Surujrattan Rambachan

PS if you are interested in a customer service health check for your company give me a call 792 1155 (at a fee of course)

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