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Letter of Thanks – Aaron Achan

Letter of Thanks - Aaron Achan (6)2Growing up we learnt a saying, Never forget where you came from. Today i decided to take a drive to my home town, for my new friends, I wasn’t originally from San Fernando. I grew up from a baby in Springland (1st Street Circular) in Gasparillo and moved to San Fernando in 2002.

As i drove into the community I was taken aback and astonished by the amount of works being done by the Honourable Minister of Works and MPSurujrattan Rambachan. This is a community that has dilapidated roads, no drainage, infact since I was a little kid i could not remember any work being done in this community by both Central and Local Government. One of the pictures show a section of the road that my parents, my brother, myself and some of the kids in the neighbourhood helped pave with asphalt and a manual roller because local government never did anything. Infact taxi drivers use to refuse to drop you inside the street because of the conditions of the roadways.

So Minister on behalf of the community that i grew up in I would like to say thank you for your hard work and PROPER representation as the MP for Tabaquite. Job well done!!

– Aaron Achan

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