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Letter of Thanks – Member of Parliament for Tabaquite

Thank You!

I extend my profound thanks to the Executive and members of the congregation at the Guaracara Hindu Temple for a most wonderful devotional evening last Saturday evening. I enjoyed the participation of the congregation in my presentation of the topic “Duty above all else as taught by Lord Ganesh.” Congratulations also to Councillor Henry Awong (Chairman CTTRC) for a most beautiful speech in which he revealed aspects of his life and experiences which I never knew before last night. It was a great speech.

The resident Priest was excellent in getting every person present last evening to make offerings to the sacred fire while chanting OM Sri Ganapataye Namah. It was moving and very emotional

May Lord ganesh bless everyone who attended as well as the community of Guaracara.

Sururattan Rambachan Member of Parliament for Tabaquite

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