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Letter of Thanks – Peter Ramdeen

Thank youMr. Rambachan,

I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for work done in our community. My son and I (Kerlon & Peter Ramdeen) came to you with our concern regarding drainage and pavement of a road – that was condemned and never been paved since.

During the past years unfortunately, we had no choice but to experience muddy roads during the rainy season, and extreme dust during the dry season. We have also experienced flooding, sometimes almost 3ft high because of poor drainage. Many attempts were made to get the road and the drain sorted out by going to various counsellors during different governments, which ended with no positive results.

Almost losing faith we came to you and explained our situation. You told us that you would address our problem, and you did. We now have A paved road and Proper drainage for the first time.

On behalf of the community of Christian Drive we say THANK YOU and we also express our sincere gratitude toward you. Truly you are A honourable man and A man of principle that stands behind his word and you have gained our deepest respect.

Yours Respectfully
Peter Ramdeen (father) Kerlon Ramdeen (Son)

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