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Letter to constituents on Flanagin Town RC Primary School

Dear Constituents

Re Flanagin RC School

As you are aware through aggressive representation by myself, the Flanagin RC School was started. The school was started but it has never progressed beyond the foundation. Today I asked asked the Minister of Education in Parliament (carried live on TV) why no monies have been allocated to the completion of the school His answer was that it was not a priority at this stage!

I find this to be highly disrespectful of the people of Flanagin given that the children have been using a church for over 60 years as their school.
Now tell me what action can I take against such an uncaring government.

See below question asked in parliament:

March 1st 2016


Ms. Jacqueline Sampson
Clerk of the House of Representatives

Office of the Parliament
Tower D, Levels G-7
International Waterfront Centre
1A Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Dear Ms. Sampson,



In accordance with Standing Order 16, I wish to submit the following matter to be raised on the Motion for the Adjournment on the next sitting of the House of Representatives.


  1. The apparent cessation of the construction of the Flanagin Town RC School.


Thank you for you cooperation in this matter.


Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan
Member of Parliament

Flanagin Town RC Primary School
(Dilapidation of)

Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan (Tabaquite): Thank you, Madam Speaker, and thank you for allowing this Motion. Madam Speaker, this matter relates to the Flanagin Town RC Primary School. Dilapidated schools do not provide a proper teaching and learning environment, one that is conducive to the proper education of a child and as well for teachers being able to give of their best. And while throughout the country we have been witnessing protests by children and parents about the condition of their schools, in my constituency of Tabaquite, the parents and the community as a whole, teachers and members also of the religious group, they are very concerned about the state of construction of the Flanagin Town RC Primary School. The hon. colleague from the other side, the Minister of Education, 146 Adjournment 2016.03.11 Hon. C. Robinson-Regis (cont’d)

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