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Life Enhancing Projects-

A visionary Approach of Minister of Local Govt Suruj Rambachan

Bank Village, Carapichaima.
The restoration of the Bank Village Community Center as well as the Whiteland Empowerment Center and the Dow Village Community Center are projects initiated by Minister of Local Government Dr Surujrattan Rambachna nd the Unemployment Relief Programme. These three buildings were originally constructed by the URP in or about the year 2000 but remained abandoned until Dr Rambachan became Minister of Local Govt  in 2012 and decided to refurbish them for community activities. He hopes that the model being developed at Whiteland will be the model to be used at Bank Village and Dow Village.

The URP Program has undergone a substantial degree of change with meaningful projects being done alongside the traditional maintenance and hygiene related jobs, construction of box drains and rehabilitation of roads etc. Today the URP people are involved in helping NGO’s to refurbish their community facilities including mosques, temples and churches, the building of bathroom facilities as is currently being done at Columbus Bay in Cedros, refurbishing of basketball courts and building of small pavilions. This is a new URP which Dr Rambachan as Minister of Local Govt along with the management of URP are working strategically to redefine. The idea is to deliver value adding quality of life  projects and projects that are sustainable and have longevity.

The following is a brief on the Whiteland Empowerment Center



One of the primary goals of the People’s Partnership Government is the empowerment of persons in general but women and girls in particular. The Honourable Prime Minister has been a leader in terms of the empowerment of women and successfully took this quest to the United nations in 2011 where on the margins of the UNDP 66 she convened a meeting of women leaders from across the globe to sign a Declaration advocating greater participation of women in political decision making.  This goal is also being pursued at different levels by the Government and by Members of Parliament in their Constituencies, especially underdeveloped areas where there is a high rate of unemployment amongst women and where other social problems exist.The Whiteland Empowerment Centre is the brainchild of the MP for Tabaquite Dr Surujrattan Rambachan. It will be housed in a building  built by URP but then abandoned.  This building in the community of Whiteland  was refurbished and is being made ready to provide programs to improve skills, but perhaps more importantly, to deal with social problems and in his words “to reconstruct and revitalize lives.”

The Centre has already gained the support of several churches and individuals in the area. The objectives of the fully registered NGO are:

  1. To serve as a centre for the empowerment of women and girls in particular in life skills
  2. To establish homework and support facilities for children
  3. To establish rehabilitation programmes for drug and alcohol addicts
  4. To provide support and services for girls who become pregnant and require assistance (counselling etc).
  5. To provide physical space for NGO’s and other civic organizations interested in the type of activities listed above
  6. To engage in all activities that enhances the above objectives of the organization.

The first Directors of the Centre are;

1. Henry Awong – Councillor
Los Attajos Village
Flanagin Town

2. Mr Roger Bahadur – Police Officer
281 Corrosal Road, Mayo

3. Ramawad Nagessar – Community Worker
20 Alley Street

4. Mr Ravi Pooran Maharaj – Teacher
Lp #2 Rahaman Drive, Happy Hill

Patron of the Centre is the MP for Tabaquite Dr Surujrattan Rambachan.

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