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Make Chaguanas a Garden City

Chaguanas must become the Flower City of the Caribbean.

In 2003 when I became Mayor of Chaguanas having been invited to do so by Mr Panday, I pledged to make Chaguanas beautiful. I chose to plant trees and flowers.

The first such project was to take Saith Park which was abandoned by the then Government and to create a leisure and meditation park in Chaguanas. We chose he Ashoka tree to surround the Park.

Today they look majestic after 15 years. On the western side of the park we planted palm Trees which stand magnificent today. Do you know that the Volleyball Beach Sand Court was for a long time the only one such in a town. Actually the sand which is so similar to sea sand cane from Ravine Sable Longdenville dug deep from The river bed.

When I attempted to do over Saith Park I was publicly opposed by some of my own Councillors and a certain M P. I negotiated 175,000 from the then Tourism Ministry and refurbished the Park adding the tennis court and the volleyball court with the help of the Volleyball Association.

We continued to plant trees. TMr Khalique Khan of Rasam restaurant donated all the African Tulips that today flower do Beautifully at The Medford Flyover.

Mr Gopaul Boodhan and corporate donors have done a magnificent project along Factory Road. The bougainvilleas and Ashoka are tremendous and this project should be continued.

But above all the renaming of the cemeteries in Chaguanas as Gardens of Memories and beautifying them was a most important project. During my time as Mayor they became like lawns in a residential compound.

I remember to the day with disgust that almost overnight having planted 39 Ashoka trees along the Hasarsth road cemetery most were stolen.

Chaguanas needs to be beautified. It will become so if the burgesses are imbued with a vision of responsibility form the upkeep of the region. It takes effort and commitment but it might be a project fir each Councilor to begin as early as today so that I thee years the blossoms will be seen and enjoyed.

During my time as minister we planted 800 bougainvilleas along the highway from Chaguanas going north. No one would recall that that was a project visualized by me and executed by then Director if Highways Roger Ganesh. Sadly the trees are ever so often butchered by those who are so called maintaining them. The ones that died have not been replaced.

I propose to the residents of Chaguanas let us make Chaguanas the Garden City of the Caribbean. Emulate Price Plaza who have been planting some yellow poui trees near the Plaza.

Suruj Rambachan MP

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