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Manzanilla road passable by Friday

Manzan 7BY next week Friday, vehicles should once again be able to traverse Manazanilla-Mayaro Road, parts of which had collapsed last month.

Repair work began on Monday, involving four contractors working around the clock to get the job completed in time for Christmas.

Yesterday, former director of highways, Roger Ganesh, said: “What is important for the people to know out there is that the contractors, they are supposed to work 24/7 to establish back that connectivity that we promised them before Christmas for light to medium vehicles.

“We selected these contractors based on the promise that they have the capability, resources and everything to get the job done in a specific time, which is before Christmas. In my opinion they could get the job done from what I see and what I know by next week Friday,” said Ganesh.

The contractors chosen to work on the damaged stretch of roadway are Junior Sammy Contractors, Coosal’s Construction, Danny Enterprises and Ragunath Singh and Company Ltd.

Ganesh, who retired from the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure last Wednesday, said: “When we establish connectivity, we will let the traffic flow during peak periods—morning peaks and afternoon peaks. The periods in between, we have limited access, but it could be done.”

The temporary connectivity is part of Manzanilla-Mayaro Road’s permanent road structure, which will be completed in two phases.

Ganesh said the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure was aware that December month is one of the busiest for the year and it did not want to rob business owners the opportunity to make an extra dollar.

“Now is the Christmas season and in our culture, people like to go to the beach and it is important for the businesses in Mayaro and Manzanilla, because they depend on Christmas,” he said.

“People who go there for holidays, the groceries, the stores and all the other little areas, they depend on the local tourism a lot. If they miss out on this Christmas season, it will be bad. The local economy is not so wholesome right now so whatever they could get from the local tourism will be great. It is very important we get back that connectivity before Christmas.”


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