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Midterm Review


editThis edition of the Mid Term Review of the performance of the Member of Parliament for Tabaquite has focussed on several areas where the needs of constituents were neglected and which required dramatic interventions. The inheritance of the MP included the poor state of the roads, flooding and inadequate drainage, underdeveloped recreational facilities, schools in need of repairs and reconstruction, dilapidated Community Centers, unemployment, water shortages and the lack of running water in over 100 streets and traces, poverty including the quality of housing amongst other social and economic issues.

Not all of the problems have been addressed, nor can they be addressed even in one term of Office. However, a valiant attempt has been made and is on-going. This involves a collaborative relationship between the MP and Councillors on the one hand and the different Ministries, Government Agencies, Special Purpose Companies and the Regional Corportaion (CTTRC).

As we deepen the quality of representation over the next two and a half years the following will form part of the Agenda of the MP Dr Surujrattan Rambachan, the Councillors and the Constituency Team:

• Continuing to fix the roads in Tabaquite especially off Brothers Road and in Tortuga, Gran Couva, Gorden Village, Caratal, Lightbourne, Housa Trace, Cotton Hill, Corosal, Esmeralda, Mappipire, as well as streets in Sankerlall Development, Gasparillo and environs.

• Improve drainage in flood prone areas and pay particular attention to the dredging of the Guaracara River and the Marie Dolay River which criss-crosses Gasparillo.

• Cause an intervention with respect to the shoring up of the Marie Dolay River in terms
of the erosion of the banks and threats to residents and their properties

• Build new pavilions at Brothers Road Recreation Ground, Mamoral, Poonah
(Williamsville), Brasso and Tortuga.

• Provide lights for Tortuga Recreation Ground as well as for Brasso and Caratal.

• Develop full recreational and sporting facilities at Gran Couva Recreation Ground, including basketball court, pavilion and cricket pitch.

• Pave the car park at the Tabaquite Community Center

• Build an Activity Center at Caratal No 2.

• Complete the Home Work Center and Community facilities in Upper Corosal

• Through Self Help and the URP program improve the facilities for Churches, Temples and Mosques especially those that encourage and host women, girls and youth activities.

• Promote all cultural and religious festivals. Work with Trinidad Cement Limited to develop the Playground in Upper Corosal.

• Build a Community Center in Upper Corosal

• Repair the Community Center in Tortuga

• Deal with landslips throughout the Constituency in collaboration with PURE.

• Assist in refurbishing the East Indian Friendly Society Hall

• Construct with the help of Education Facilities Company Limited an Early Childhood Center in Poonah, Whiteland.

• Complete the Whiteland Empowerment Center and have it opened with classes especially for women and girls as well as provide Counselling Services, all in collaboration with the appropriate NGO’s and religious organizations.

• Continue to repair and develop agricultural access roads in consultation with farmers and the Ministry of Food Production.

• Work with the Tabaquite Farmers to successfully introduce greenhouse farming at three Primary and one Secondary school in the Constituency of Tabaquite.

• Continue the campaign against Non Communicable Diseases by hosting heath workshops and clinics in collaboration with SWRHA and Ministry of Health

• Provide quality service at all the Offices of the Member of Parliament for Tabaquite

• Host a MP”s Football and Wind ball Cricket Competition in 2012/13 and thereafter Annually.

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