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Ministry of Works and Infrastructure Bridges Reconstruction Programme

The newly reconstructed 1-5 Golden Grove St Helena Bridge that was opened by MOWI on Sunday 5th January, 2014 to the public.

The newly reconstructed 1-5 Golden Grove St Helena Bridge that was opened by MOWI on Sunday 5th January, 2014 to the public.



The Ministry of Works and Infrastructure wishes to advise the public that it is reconstructing a number of bridges along the East/West Corridor and other parts of Trinidad. In 2013 the Bridges, Landslips and Traffic Management Unit (BLT) began a Bridges Reconstruction Programme which saw the following bridges being earmarked for reconstruction in Phase 1:


Bridge ID

Contract Sum     (VAT Inclusive)

Start Date


B1/3 Calcutta Road No. 2


Feb 7 2013

407 Calendar Days

B1/12 Eastern Main Road, St Joseph


Jan 6 2014

480 Calendar Days

B1/9 Talparo Main Road & B2/1 Valencia Main Road


Dec 9 2013

330 Calendar Days

B1/19 Eastern Main Road Guanapo


Jan 6 2014

365 Calendar Days

B2/10 Toco Main Road


Jan 6 2014

270 Calendar Days

B1/19 Toco Main Road


Jan 6 2014

420 Calendar Days

B1/3 Sisters Road


Nov 18 2013

424 Calendar Days

B1/13 Mayaro Guayaguayare Road


Jan 6 2014

608 Calendar Days

B1/3 Cedar Hill Road (Sum Sum Hill)


Jan 28 2014

365 Calendar Days

B3/5 Pluck Road San Francique


Jan 6 2014

424 Calendar Days


Also in Phase 1 are the following bridges which will be tendered shortly:

  1. B1/1 Coblentz Road, St. Ann’s
  2. B1/22 Toco Main Road
  3. C1/32 Toco Main Road
  4. B1/10 Talparo Main Road
  5. B1/3 Four Roads Tamana
  6. B1/1 Cumuto Tumpuna Road
  7. B1/1 Camden Road
  8. C2/3 Papourie Road
  9. B1/3 Torrib Tabaquite Road
  10. B1/73 Southern Main Road, Cedros
  11. B1/22 Naparima Mayaro Road

The Ministry’s PURE Unit is also working on the following two major bridges:

The widening and reconstruction of the B1/14 Churchill Roosevelt Highway (Arouca River Bridges), located east of the Trincity Intersection on the Churchill Roosevelt Highway, involves: the reconstruction of the existing eastbound bridge, to increase the hydraulic capacity beneath the bridge and, to accommodate three standard lanes, two paved shoulders and, one pedestrian sidewalk. The existing westbound bridge will be widened to accommodate, three standard lanes, and two paved shoulders, all at a cost of TT$29,971,613.38 and the competition date is carded for August 2014.

The complete reconstruction of the B1/23 along the Eastern Main Road (D’Abadie Bridge) involves the demolition of the existing steel truss bridge which is estimated to be more than seventy-five years old. The new bridge will be constructed using steel I beams and I-girders with a reinforced concrete deck. The reconstruction of this bridge also involves some ancillary works such as the construction of retaining walls and rip rap in the river bed for scour protection. The cost of these works is approximately TT$19 M and they are expected to be completed by the end of June.



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