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Ministry of Works responds to Guardian Article, ‘Businesses facing losses over delay in repairing landslip’


Reference is made to an article published in the Guardian Newspaper dated 2015-06-25 entitled ‘Businesses facing losses over delay in repairing landslip’ written by Ms. Rhondor Dowlat.  In this article, Ms. Dowlat wrote that continued infrastructural work was having an adverse effect on businesses in the area.  She further went on to state that “the project which runs from Matilda Junction to Petit Café Junction, is believed to be far from completion…”.


The Ministry of Works and Infrastructure (MOWI) wishes to advise the following:

  • MOWI is undertaking the construction of a retaining wall structure (L54) along the eastbound lane of Naparima Mayaro Road at LP # 395 – 397, St Julien Village.
  • The Contractor for the works is Ricon Ltd and the Supervising Engineer is CEP Ltd.
  • The contract commenced on January 21st, 2015 with an original completion date of July 21st, 2015. Whilst the original intention was to maintain single lane traffic for the duration of the project, the contractor experienced difficulty in installing and maintaining the temporary shoring against the roadway owing to the existing condition of the adjacent roadway.
  • This resulted in the roadway being closed to repair the temporary shoring. In the interest of safe public access throughout the remaining period of the construction, as well to secure the well-being of the community environ, a decision was made to maintain the road closure in the vicinity of the works.
  • Local traffic has been and still is allowed up to the extents of the project. This decision was made, taking into consideration the heavy vehicles which typically traverse the roadway on a daily basis.
  • The current detour also allows for access for the expected long vehicles which utilise the roadway.
  • Works have progressed onsite with the foundations having being completed and the remainder of the wall scheduled to be cast by July 10th, 2015.
  • Single lane traffic is expected to be restored by July 15th, 2015 whilst implementing a vehicle weight restriction of five (5) tons within the construction zone.
  • The project is expected to be completed by August 31st, 2015. At this time the roadway will be fully reopened.


The public is reminded to utilise the detour route from Petit Café/Moruga Road to Matilda Road to Naparima/Mayaro Road as indicated in the map provided, and to observe the temporary signage installed on approaching the site. Also as an alternative, local residents and light vehicular traffic can utilise St. Georges Road and Post Office Trace in getting around the site. All precautions are being taken by MOWI and the Contractor to ensure proper health, safety, and environmental standards are maintained.
The MOWI apologises for any inconvenience and looks forward to your kind co-operation as development works are necessary to upgrade the present infrastructure.



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