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Mp for Tabaquite calls on Minister Sinanan to address the deplorable condition at Mayo MOWT Sub Office

Member of Parliament for Tabaquite, Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan has called on the Minister of Works and Transport to visit the Mayo Ministry of Works and Transport Sub Office where all work has stopped. The MP for Tabaquite on one of his regular weekly visits to areas in his Constituency was appalled at the conditions under which have caused the workers to down tools over the last three days. Work he was told was hardly going on and the Country was losing thousands of dollars in unutilized labour. A Road Roller for example was now parked up for six (6) months because the driver has retired and no one has been appointed. Steel Sheeting and I-beams that are required for several landslips are stacked on the compound while people in his Constituency are being slowly cut-off from their Villages due to landslips.

The MP has calculated that the monthly loss of wages/salaries amounts to approximately $300,000.00 due to this shut-down. This situation is akin to what is happening at the Regional Corporations where equipment remain idle due to a lack of funding as well as a shortage of material for workers to work.

With thanks,

Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan


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