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MP for Tabaquite disappointed with Minister of Public Utilities and Minister of Works and Transport

The Member of Parliament for Tabaquite, Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan is expressing his utter disappointment by the treatment given to his Constituents by the Minister of Public Utilities, Robert Le Hunte and the Minister of Works and Transport, Rohan Sinanan.

In the case of the Minister of Public Utilities his constituents have reported that in the Poonah, Williamsville area there has been no water in the taps for the past sixteen (16) days. This is creating hardship and extreme difficulty for the residents. Residents have told Dr. Rambachan that it is now an annual affair that during Divali time, water woes are experienced. Dr. Rambachan noted that it is regrettable that even when an annual subsidy of two (2) Billion is given to WASA they continue to be inefficient in their ability to deliver a sustainable supply of water. The Ministry of Public Utilities is now a master of Management by excuses and Management by blaming which are both signs of a highly ineffective Minister.

In the case of the Minister of Works and Transport, the Constituents of Tabaquite have been suffering as a result of landslips and poor road conditions. The Member of Parliament for Tabaquite has proposed to the Minister that a quarry which was operated by EMBD in Guaracara as well as oil sand Quarries in Petrotrin can be revitalized to provide materials to assist in the reconstruction efforts.

The Member of Parliament apologizes to his Constituents for what appears to be a lack of representation but notes that unless he goes to court to force the hands of the Ministers to make good the problems his Constituents face, there is little hope that anything will happen.

Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan

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