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MP Rambachan New Year Message

My Dear Constituents of Tabaquite

May I take this opportunity to wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2014
The Year 2013 has been a very productive one for the Constituency of Tabaquite. In reviewing some of our achievements, let me hasten to thank you for the support you gave to the UNC in the local government elections by electing Henry Awong, Suresh Pooran Maharaj, Safraz Ali, Gangaram Gopaul and Neil Francis as Councillors. They are joined by Ria Jaggan as an Alderman.

During 2013, we celebrated many cultural events including Indian Arrival Day, Emancipation Day and supported The Mandirs and Mosques with $5000.00 each for Divali and Eid. The same is being done for the Churches for XMAS. We also had a gathering of youths at Surprise ground and as well an end of the year function at Whiteland Empowerment Center for over 400 of our supporters/activists of the UNC.

Xmas treats for over 2000 children were held in Gasparillo, Tabaquite and Springvale while treats in Gorden Village, Mayo and Gran Couva was supported by the MP for Tabaquite. Apples and other goodies were also sent to all the primary schools in the constituency for XMAS

Over 120 hampers were also delivered to residents for XMAS.

During this year we also rehabilitated and re-paved several roads including Mappipire Road, Sankerlal Drive, Housa Trace as well as repaired Corosal Road amongst others. This year also saw major road works in Lumsden and Alma Streets as well as Bedeau Street, Pheekoo Lane, Alladin Street and Allen Road amongst others. The rebuilding of the bridge at Massy Lands leading into Reform was a major achievement.

The introduction of traffic Wardens in Gasparillo was another major achievement.

The desilting of the Marie Dolay river and other channels was also done.

You may be wondering what is going to happen in 2014. Here is a preview
• The continuation of the Pavillion and development of the recreational facility at Lumsden Street will continue
• The pavilion at Poonah Recreation Ground will be completed
• The Police Youth Club at Whiteland will be officially launched as will be the Whiteland Empowerment Center
• The pavilions at Tabaquite and Brasso grounds will be completed
• The Police Station at Brasso will be completed
• Rebecca Richmond Road will be rehabilitated
• Landslips at Alleyne Road and Los Attajos will be fixed
• The Mamoral Road leading to Miani Village will be completed
• The water project in Brothers Road will be completed
• Brothers road will be repaved
• The rivers will be dredged at TPD Road to avoid loss of crops
• Work will commence on the RC School in Flanagin Town
• Work will also commence on ECCE Centers in Poonah and Whiteland
• Repairs will be done to happy Hill Hindu School Computer room
• Repairs will be done to Bonne Aventure Presbyterian School Computer Room
• Repairs will be done to the Springland Road leading into St Fabien
• Repairs will be done to Bhagwansingh Trace
• Water projects in Gopaul Avenue as well as in Morne Roche, Ramchand Avenue and Crown Trace will be completed.
• A general clean-up of the Constituency will also take place
• Gaspar Greens will also be repaved
• Several URP projects will commence with respect to box drains and roads
• Work will continue on Pascal Road and into St John’s Road Piparo
• Roads in Ragoobar lands will be repaved

The above is a sample of projects planned for implementation in 2014.

May I again wish you a great and personally favorable 2014.

Suruj Rambachan
Member of Parliament
Tabaquite Constituency

New Year 2014

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  1. Idorn Medford

    Dr. Rambachan, Many happy returns to you, your work in the area has not gone un-noticed and is greatly appreciated, I wish you health and strength for 2014. You are the hardest working and most approachable Mp we have ever had in this constituency. We are fortunate to be blessed with a hard working and dedicated Mp, your staff also are to be commended for their efficiency and dedication. All the best for 2014.

  2. Sherry Ali

    happy 2014 to you and your family also, lots of work are being done in the tabaquite constituency and all over the country to. I hope people appreciate, be patient and understanding that you and by extention the government are really trying. best wishes and looking forward to continue working for you to the benefit of all.


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