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MP Rambachan responds to AG Al Rawi “unhappiness with crime rate”

The statement by the Honourable Attorney General that he is unhappy with the crime rate and that he will start public consultations to bring necessary changes starting with the prison system forces one to ask the question as to whether the PM Rowley led PNM Government has now completely lost faith in the Minister of National Security and whether very subtly the AG has taken over the role of Minister of National Security. I am also forced to ask whether The Prime Minister endorses the sentiments of the Attorney General.

The statement of the AG comes after two additional persons were appointed to the Ministry of national Security, one as Minister and the other as Parliamentary Secretary.

The AG’s open admission of unhappiness with the crime situation and his announcement of the AG led consultations on crime is an admission of failure overall to deal with the run-away crime situation. Further his statement that the people must reclaim their communities is further evidence of a government which is admitting its incompetence and impotence to deal with the criminal elements.

Does the PNM government expect citizens to stand in front of assailants armed with AK 47’s and hand grenades and declare that they are here to fight back. Does the government expect citizens to bring forward information where the persons to whom such information is given cannot be trusted to be confidential? It is the role of the government to protect the citizenry from the onslaught that is now so overwhelmingly pervasive that persons are frightened to move about as freely as they should in this country. The citizen must not be used as the excuse for the inaction and abject failure of the PNM government to deal with crime and citizen security.

While the government tries to put the onus for dealing with crime upon the shoulders of the citizens, hundreds of illegal immigrants from Venezuela and other Latin American countries as well as from Africa are swarming into Trinidad through porous borders. It is noteworthy that even the Police are publicly admitting that there is trading of guns for food between persons from Venezuela and Trinidadians.

It is also noteworthy that Chinese restaurants are allowed to have roulette machines encouraging “gambling” even amongst school children. The AG should be investigating how come these Chinese restaurants are allowed this level of freedom and whether they have some kind of official protection, or whether there is a loophole in the law which needs to be plugged.

The AG and the PNM are not giving any hope to citizens who are daily becoming fearful about their security.

Surujrattan Rambachan MP

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