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MP Rambachan: Rowley’s attacks are the signs of a leader adrift

MP Surujrattan Rambachan is taking issue with the Rowley led administration’s approach to governance. In a statement today MP Rambachan noted the following:

The ravings and ranting of Keith Rowley and Stuart Young reveal men and a government who are desperate and atrociously vindictive, who will go to lengths to blame the UNC for their abject failure as a government and under whose watch the people are getting angrier with each passing day.

Their taunts and attempts to pollute public opinion against the UNC, to spread a culture of hate and promote violence against the members of the UNC must be strongly condemned. The attempt to hold up the UNC to public ridicule is obvious

It will not be long before someone driven by the vitriolic language of the PNM leadership descend into the gutter of violence against members of the UNC.

It is also of deep concern the statement made by Stuart Young, a Minister in the Rowley Government, that Roodal Moonilal will soon get his warrant. This speaks of blatant manipulation of the judicial process and political interference in the affairs of the police. It can amount to a violation of the principle of the separation of powers and signal the beginnings of a dictatorship.

This type of behavior is common to leaders who are floundering and who have lost the trust of he people. The PNM has reached a new low in the eyes of the people and are trying as hard as they can to divert attention from their poor governance and management of the economy, their inability to deal with rising criminal activities, the failure of public institutions to deliver quality service including healthcare and justice as well as youth cynicism which is growing exponentially.

The UNC warns that more oppressive actions against the people by Rowley and the PNM will be forthcoming. The history of the PNM will show that it has always been an anti people government which facilitates the rich and powerful and not the working class. The brutality of the PNM has now begun to emerge in terms of more and more taxes, cuts in education grants, decreases in social support services, cuts in school feeding and in job losses nationwide.

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