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MP Rambachan visits 100 years old Constituent

On September 18, Tony Sookoo celebrated his 100th birthday.

A keen storyteller and lover of animals, Sookoo was surrounded by his many friends and relatives.

He lives Coco Piece Road, Gasparillo, with his granddaughter, Lisa John.

John said her grandfather was popular in the community and knew everyone, old and young, by name.

Sookoo has no medical ailments and has a vivid memory.

John said, “He sits in his hammock and people from the community would come to listen to his stories. He is well known and well-loved in the community. He walks around with a stick but he has no ailments. The only thing is that he would get exhausted quickly. But he is in good health. And he remembers things from the past so clearly.”

Sookoo’s wife, Myra Mohammed, passed away six years ago at the age of 87. The couple have three daughters (one deceased), five granddaughters, three grandsons and six great grandchildren.

Sookoo recalled working in the sugar plantation as a young man and now spends his days tending to fruit trees at his family’s home.

“He also has a special love for animals as he reared many cows and chicken up to today. After working as a sugarcane farmer he spent most of his time doing gardening to keep himself busy,” John said.

Tabaquite MP Dr Surujrattan Rambachan visited Sookoo on his birthday to deliver a hamper. Rambachan said he was impressed as Sookoo recalled the olden days in the sugar cane field and raising his daughters.


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