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Only PM Kamla and PP Gov’t best to lead TT 2015 to 2020

PM to lead delegation to Panama on TuesdayGreetings and Happy New Year

The year 2015 is a decision year in terms of who will govern Trinidad and Tobago over the period 2015.2020. On the basis of the management and leadership of the country from May 2010 to date you have had a fair opportunity to examine the capability of the Kamla Persad Bissessar led team compared to the several PNM teams which governed for several periods between 1956 and 2010. Without any hesitancy, the Partnership and Mrs Bissessar has far outshone the PNM in leadership and management of the national resources. In addition the global profile of TT is today at its highest, with the world showing more than a passing interest in TT as an investment destination and as a global partner.

The Hon PM as Chair of the Commonwealth between 2010 and 2012 ensured that this small Commonwealth country was recognized as an important leader in initiating and leading change especially related to the position of women and girls and their rights to equality of opportunity and education in particular. Under her leadership TT became more active at the level of the OAS and as well at the UN. It is important to note that we do live independently of the world and therefore the development of global partnerships is important for our growth and survival. Our Hon PM has led us well in terms of our global objectives and international relations vision. As appoint to note TT has generally achieved the millennium goals set by the UN and has gone further to establish the conditions for universal early childhood education.

Having established that, we saw the visit to TT by several world leaders including Japan, China, USA in the person of the Vice President and as well the Governor General of Canada, Cuba and Panama, among others. Such visits are not spontaneous but are a result of the recognition of the leadership and vision of the country as well as the role that the country is perceived as being capable of playing in the context of global issues. In this regard our PM has earned the respect of the global community.

On the domestic front, the economy of TT has been well managed. The doubters and the cynics will want us to believe otherwise but this administration has turned around the economy from negative to positive growth and has maintained a comfortable debt to GDP ratio while carrying out its development program , controlling inflation, paying off debts to contractors and increasing employment opportunities. All of this was achieved during a period when the global financial crisis was alive and when global economic downturn was the order of the day.

These achievements clearly demonstrate the capability of the present administration to manage in times of lower revenues. This must be compared to the PNM who have never been able to sustain the economy in spite of high energy prices and also relinquished power when the prices were low. One remembers the inheritance of the NAR in 1986 after the PNM had enjoyed windfall prices. In 2010, they again ran from the challenge by calling an election ahead of the five years because they had once again squandered the opportunity to create a prosperous nation. The PNM has demonstrated that it cannot manage the economy whether under high or low energy prices.

As we enter 2015, the choice of who is best able and competent to lead the nation for the next five years and as well in a time when energy prices are low is very clear. It is PM Kamla Persad Bissessar and the Partnership.

And here are the reasons:
1. The economy has been well managed between 2010 and 2014
2. The country has been brought back to positive growth from a negative growth even when the PNM enjoyed high energy prices
3. No new taxes have been introduced despite the heavy development program which has seen massive improvements in physical infrastructure
4. Over 80 labour agreements in the public sector have been settled almost all of which were left unresolved by the PNM
5. The PNM has pledged to bring back the dreaded property tax which will place a burden on the middle and lower economic groupings
6. The PNM does not have a vision for TT. They are recycling the 2020 vision as 2030 vision
7. The PNM has refused to support Procurement legislation which can have a serious impact upon corruption
8. PNM MP’s have not contributed to the Children’s Life Fund. They will most likely not fund its continuity. The fund has saved almost 100 lives.
9. The PNM and their new found partners in ILP and OWTU will wreak havoc upon the middle class and will tax heavily the upper classes. They are against business and will cause investments to flee this country. Look at their constant attack on Petrotrin and judge where they are heading.
10. The discrimination against rural communities will prevail under the PNM
11. Note well who are the members of the new PNM Executive and you will see that they have already decide how they are going to divide the spoils if they win.
12. The small contractors who benefited under the PP will suck salt under the PNM
13. URP workers will be dismissed by the thousands
14. CEPEP contractors will lose their contracts as PNM family and friends replace them thus putting thousands of innocent citizens out of work. Recall who had the cepep contracts under PNM.
15.Scholarships will not be granted on the basis of merit but it will be manipulated like it was under the PNM. The deserving will be discriminated against.
16.There will be no toy drive at XMAS time.
17.Churches will not be given grants like exist under the PP Govt.
18.The computer program in schools will be scrapped, Remember the PNM criticized it in parliament. Recall the statements of Rowley and Patricia McIntosh in Parliament.
19. Deserving persons who now have food cards will lose these under the PNM. Remember who were some of the people who had food cards under the PNM.
20. The PNM will remove many of the grants introduced by the PP to deal with poverty. Think for a moment who increased pensions, disability grants, housing grants etc. It was the PP not the PNM
21.The PP has made purchasing a house easier for the middle income earners by having a 2% interest rate available for persons with income below 10,000 per month through TTMF. What did PNM ever do to help the middle class with lower cost mortgages?
22. More new schools have been constructed under this GOVT than the PNM ever built. At present Dr Gopeesingh has 60 new schools to open
23. More Police Stations have been constructed under this govt than any other govt.
24.More pavilions have been constructed than any other govt in four and a half years
25.More grounds have been lit up than any other govt has done in four and a half years
And know what, this govt has never been afraid to admit its errors and apologize as well as learn from its mistakes.


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