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Panic and jealousy from opposition

Panic and jealousy from oppositionI am beginning to wonder about the hullabaloo about the Merry Christmas messages from the Hon Prime Minister by members of the public opposed to the PM and the government. Would someone really and rationally tell me what is wrong for a PM/Leader of a nation to wish the citizens a Merry Christmas.

What is very obvious is that there is a lot of worry and also jealousy in the minds of the opposition as the Hon PM continues to grow in popularity and enjoy the favour of the people. In addition the work of the government is beginning to show in no small way. With the opening of the Valencia Bye Pass road which has virtually eliminated traffic in that area , as well as the Diego Martin Extension of the Highway and the speedy re-connection of the Manzanilla /Mayaro roadway, the opportunity to criticize the performance of the PM and her Govt has diminished. As a result the critics have snapped on to really unimportant sideline issues.

The leadership of Kamla Persad Bissessar has seen significant changes in the country. In 2010, with the specter of a financial crisis looming due to the CLICO issue, the Govt successfully managed this crisis but further has gone on to achieve growth no matter how small. The most recent report by S&P in terms of an A rating for T&T is not what the critics wanted to hear. Worst of all is the fact that in her fifth year of office the PM has been ahead of Keith Rowley.

The passage of the Procurement Bill supported by civil society and unsupported by the PNM has added more problems for the critics. The PNM have shown their true colours when it comes to dealing with corruption as against the PP Govt which has brought to Parliament a BIll which the nation wants. Really then, is it surprising that the opposition are holding on to these “no value” issues. WE are experiencing a different level of leadership, one that is competent and courageous but at the same time compassionate, caring and citizen centered. No leader has combined these qualities like Mrs Bissessar has done.

From day one of her tenure as PM Mrs Bissessar has demonstrated that she will be a people’s leader. She opened up the Diplomatic Center bringing in a way govt closer to the people. She has chosen to seal with issues of creating prosperity for all, and caring for the well being of all. This has been evidenced by the opening of the Teaching Hospital in San Fernando with 218 more beds, the Children’s Life Fund and the construction of the Children’s Hospital among other people centered projects. Today the physical infrastructure is way better than in 2010.

More than this she has held the govt together being the first leader to hold a coalition together for five years. So what is the real issue with the Christmas Greetings? It is a reaction to a govt growing stronger, a PM who continues to enjoy a positive popularity rating and endorsement and a PNM that is collapsing!

Surujrattan Rambachan
Deputy Political Leader

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