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PM Rowley phone problem is a toilet paper issue aimed at creating a distraction

The current hullabaloo being made by the PNM Government about the leaking of the PM’s phone number can best be described as a PNM Government distraction from the many scandals and public dissonance about the state of the country and PNM governance.

This nation focuses too much on toilet paper issues like this one rather than the real issues like rising unemployment, the retrenchment of over 30,000 persons, a stagnated economy, a declining construction sector and whether we like it or not an increasingly worrisome crime situation.

What is the problem with the telephone number of a public official even that of a Prime Minister being made available to the citizenry. I disagree with anyone using the phone number of a public official to abuse them. However amidst the callousness of the current government citizens will like to know that someone of influence is listening to them especially when the public service continues to be generally unresponsive to the needs of citizens.

Citizens are fed up of inaction by this government, fed up of excuses, tired of the government blaming everyone other than themselves for their incompetence.

The Prime Minister has a choice to answer or not answer his phone but to delete his number speaks of a kind of arrogance and dismissive attitude towards the citizenry that has characterized the government which labeled itself as red and ready and adopted the tag line , “we are in charge and you will have to deal with that.’

This PNM Government revels in toilet paper issues to distract from its poor management, the scandals associated with several ministers and ineffective governance,

Surujrattan Rambachan MP

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