PNM Government in Panic Mode

The recent flurry of public appearances by the Prime Minister as we approach two elections is a clear indication of a Government that has begun to panic. This anxiety of the government comes at a time when the public has begun to question the lack lustre performance of the PNM over the last forty months in office. With public institutions including the Judiciary, Health and Public Transport collapsing and a public service that is growing in its inability to deliver a higher level of customer service to the public, and further with roads in a terrible state the PNM Government has sought to play the blame game and to seek public sympathy for what is an inexcusable poor performance.

The real facts include at least 30,000 jobs lost, a crime situation that is yet to get under control, an increasing number of persons finding it difficult to get jobs, a construction sector that has slowed and an increasing public sector debt while st the same time a significant decrease in foreign exchange reserves.

A government is hired to manage the economy in the interest of the citizens. For forty months the PNM has sought to blame its ineffective performance on the People’s Partnership Government while it continues to preside over the collapse of the economy and the social and economic plight of the citizens. The PNM is hoping that the population will buy into the narrative they are espousing that the PP government is to be blamed. Unfortunately for the government the population has rejected forty months of PNM whining and groaning and are demanding change. The Rowley led PNM has by its inaction communicated that it does not have the solutions to take the country forward.

Surujrattan Rambachan MP

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